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My name is Fiona and honestly, I'm pretty much a total fucking whore. I know, I shouldn't say that about myself but it's actually true and -- I really honestly don't give a fuck. I LIKE being twisted. I LIKE being the dirty bitch that does it all.  I LIKE being the hot slut you can't get enough of. Besides, what fun would there be if there weren't girls like me? You know you wish you had a turn with me no matter how many guys I've been with or no matter what nasty things you've heard about the freaky stuff that gets me off. You know it.  I know it. That's like so perfect. I'm a total whore and you want me.  Have me then!

Oh you aren't the only one who gets turned on by stuff that makes other people cringe - I thrive on it. There really isn't anything too fucking dirty for me. Don't believe me? Try me. The way your cum looks just before it squirts on my face is like a drug to me. You wanna fill me up? Alright - three holes for you baby! You want to make me a kinky little slut? Cool. Pull my hair, choke me, spank me. Spit on my face while you fuck me hard. Make me scream from pain or make me moan from pleasure. You can call all the shots if you'd like. Or i can. I'll boss you around and make you beg for my filthy used up cunt. Dont be afraid to tell me everything digusting thing you'd like to do to me because the truth is, I'd love it. 

Ever since I can remember, I've been all about sex and cumming.  Im a total sex addict. After awhile, even the extreme stuff seems a little vanilla to me. I just keep getting nastier and dirtier and pushing the edge more and more.  I've done some pretty crazy things -- call in and I'll tell you how young I was when I lost my sweet, little cherry (and to who!), we can share stories of my kinky lifestyle while we make our own dirty fucking memories together. 
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You see this list? It's just to get you started and let you see that really anything is ok with me. Don't be shy, don't hesitate - bring me your dark and twisted perversions and let's play in the dark together - call Freaky Fiona now! 
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